Finding life resolutions at your best and at your worst

My mom is my find-my-stuff muse. My Saint Anthony, if you will.

I am absolutely incapable of finding things without my mom’s help. She’s my Saint Anthony. For those of you who aren’t Catholic or don’t have a Catholic Gram like me, Saint Anthony is whom you pray to when you need to find something. I just call my mom. Does she live 700 miles away from me? Yes she does. Do I call her and ask her where my stuff is, even though she hasn’t been to my apartment in almost a year? Yes I do. Because she’s my mommy and she helps me find things. Our connection is so special, it works almost every single time! No lie.

Over the years, she has helped me find just about anything you can imagine. Keys, iPod, camera, chargers, cooking utensils, pieces of clothing. You name it. Everything, except for one thing: my passion for dance.

My mom isn’t so musically or rhythmically inclined. [It’s okay, mom! You have way more going for you!] Neither did she show a lot of passion for anything growing up aside from raising us and loving Jesus, which out of everything one can be passionate about, aren’t such terrible choices. 🙂 But I can honestly say I never understood what passion could bring to your life until I started dancing. This year, I have found my heart. And all along, it has been lying on the dance floor, just waiting to be picked up, twirled around, spun, jumped, twisted, turned, dipped, thrown, you name it.

I’m at my best when I’m on the dance floor, which has worked out well for me this year as I found myself at my worst many, many times when I was off the dance floor. Dancing is my happy place. My Sanity Keeper. The one thing I will not give up in my weekly repertoire of Things To Do.

Inside this passion for dance, I’ve found the following life resolutions:

  •  My children will try everything – within reason – that sounds even remotely interesting to them. And probably a few things that don’t, just for kicks and giggles. Be it cooking, dancing, gymnastics, fire baton twirling – a spark in the soul can turn into a life-long love affair. I will give them that chance.
  •  Passion ignites the soul, and it permeates everything. It doesn’t matter what your passion is. When you have life in your bones from feeling passion on a regular basis, you can’t help but enjoy life on a deeper, more wholehearted level. If it hurts nobody and feeds your soul, go after it. If it’s parenting, awesome. Cooking, great. Closet organization, fabulous. You can come to my house and teach me all of those things!
  •  Life is better together. When I started dancing, I talked to no-one aside from my friends. And even with them, I wasn’t too chatty. I kept to myself, inwardly wishing I didn’t have to talk to anyone, ever. I was so uncomfortable! But over time, the laughter and smiles overtook my desire to be alone. The friends we made wormed their way into my heart and helped me see that life is far better when it’s lived in community. My new friends have added years to my life, just in the laughs they’ve brought out from my belly.
  •  I am a control freak. If you know me in person, you already knew this. If you don’t know me in person, you probably knew it, too, because I’m sure it flies through the screen in some of my writing. But it needs to stop. I cannot be a control freak on the dance floor. I have to be the exact opposite and let my leader lead. When I don’t think and I just follow his subtle hand movements (and sometimes verbal directions because I’m stubborn and I need them!), that’s when the best dancing happens. Translation to life off the dance floor = the best life happens when we’re in the living for right now, presently engaged, and living wholeheartedly in the moment.

I am convinced that our best life resolutions are found – not made, but found, because life is one discovery after another – in our weakest and strongest moments. We become resolute about something when we are either at our worst or at our best. We discover what really matters, what we really want, what we can really do, when we’ve either completely run out of steam, or we’re on top of the world. During some of the most emotionally challenging months of my life, dancing brought forth the above resolutions and I’m sure countless lessons that are now so engrained my heart that articulation would be a challenge.

But here’s my challenge to you: pay attention. Let your heart be sparked, and don’t be afraid of where it leads. God puts those sparks there for good reason. Go find out why they’re there!

A donde el corazon se inclina, el pie camina.


Me and my favorite dance partner:


This post is in response to: Writing 101, Day Thirteen: Serial Killer II

Earlier in the course, you wrote about losing something. Today, write about finding something. For your twist, view day four’s post and today’s post as installments in a series.


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