The world should be full of Grandmas and Surprises

I’m a big fan of grandmas.

I think they make the world go ’round, with their sage advice and their best-in-the-world cooking and their accidental hilarity.

I’m also a big fan of surprises.

I think life should be full of big, wonderful, knock-your-socks-off surprises.

And so (I couldn’t edit these, so fast forward to :20 on the first one):



As you see, I was also able to surprise my mom and my brother (whose reaction was the best of all).

IMG_0189[1]Best line of the night:

“Oh, I took off my shoe!” after gram realized she had slipped off her right shoe and still had on her left one of these snazzy things.

Anyway… just wanted to share the joy!


What do you think?

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