Your life’s work: an exercise in futility or a worthy contribution?

So, i just hit 700 followers! I’m not going to lie, every time I see an e-mail with a “… is now following you!” my heart goes a-pitter-patter. It has taken a loo-hhooong time to get to this point, and there are two reasons for this:

1. I was completely unstructured when I started this, and nobody wants that.

2. My writing has gotten better with time.

I pray every morning for God to direct my writing, which he certainly has the last two days as I’ve written one 20-page paper and two other shorter ones. I’ll be writing another one tomorrow. If you need any current information on classroom management, Autism, or Sensory Processing Disorder, I’m your gal!

Anyway… even with the increase in followers, I am reminded of this poignant graphic I saw on Facebook (or Pinterest? My eyes are computer-blurry at this point):


I love writing, no matter if I have an audience of 1 or 700. It’s on my heart to continue so that’s what I’ll do.

Random writer fact: I randomly text my friends and ask them why in the world I write and why in the world I’m writing another novel. They always have some response that makes me go back to pounding the keys.

As writers, and as teachers and pastors and business people and soldiers and friends (etc. etc. etc.), we toil and we work and we come up with things we think will make the world better. And we put these things out there and we hope it’s touching someone’s heart. Or making someone think. Or making someone really, really happy, or exceptionally angry. (Sometimes we mean to do that). And many, many times, this feels like an exercise in futility. It’s not, but it feels that way.

Keep at it, friends. No matter what you’re doing, be strong, be of good courage, Keep putting your awesomeness, your goodness, your contributions of greatness, into the world. They matter. We need you and your greatness, and all your attempts at greatness. We’re better for it. You’re better for it.

So, thank you, 700 followers, for thinking I’m good enough to read. You help me feel like this is worth it.

And to you: May you be blessed with a sense of purpose today.


What do you think?

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