I’ve fallen prey to the Selfie…

This weekend, I took way more selfies than I usually do.
Because I never take them. So even just taking one would be more than usual.
I usually despise the word (along with ‘cray-cray’ and ‘totes’) and everything this world has made them to be. Because I was taking pictures of myself years before this phenomenon, when I was in a really cool place and there was nobody else to take a photo of me and I wanted proof of my coolness. It’s a rare event, you know.

Now, the family “selfies” are usually pretty cute. Some solo selfies are adorable and not terrible to look at. It’s the trend of self absorption that bothers me. And the word itself. We are an educated people – is there not a better way to say it? But I digress…

Alas, this weekend, I fell prey to the Selfie because I felt so pretty! Which rarely happens. So again, I wanted proof 😉 I also wanted to embrace the super-silliness that is my husband, so, for your Monday Morning Smiles, I offer you:

What do you think?

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