30 in 30: Day 1 — Riverwalk Run

Here we go!

Please pardon me for the next 30 days while I blow up your newsfeed/reader (just once a day, I promise!) with my 30 funtivities in 30 days!

I’ve been wigged out for awhile about turning 30, but I didn’t want to be all morose about this and rush to get a bunch of experiences in before a new decade starts. That goes against what I believe in, which is that each year can be better than the last and life doesn’t stop or go backwards unless you let it. Life is a continuing, evolving experience that can get better and better depending on how you treat it.

For my 30th birthday, I’ve decided to celebrate for 30 days. 30 fun things in 30 days. Not to get everything out of my system, but to celebrate instead of dread, celebrate instead of fear, celebrate instead of letting this milestone pass unannounced. Age might be just a number, but my 30-year-old self is much more fun, self-assured, and at peace than my 29-year-old self, and this is worth celebrating! It also works out really well that September has 30 days. 😀

I am doing one thing every day in the month of September to celebrate turning 30. I’ve been working on this calendar since May, and I am pretty excited to carry it out!

First on the list: jogging down the St. John’s Riverwalk in Jacksonville, FL, with my love. Something I’ve wanted to do since we first visited this same weekend back in 2008.




Tomorrow — watching one of my favorite movies! Photo will reflect film… so stay tuned!

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