30 in 30: Day 4 — 30-minute Neon Run

Day 4: Neon-themed 30-minute jog

For Day 4, my friend Valerie & I braved the flippin’ hot heat to complete a 30-minute neon run. Which turned into a walk because of the flippin’ hot heat. But it was way better this way, because we got to chat and catch up. Neither one of us talks when we run, but we caught up and chatted up a storm. We also tried to make it neon-themed, but it was too hot to wear our knee-high socks. But we had matching sneakers!



Yes, running was also Day 1. I originally wanted a bike ride tonight, but my tire is flat so we jazzed up the run, which makes it different than Monday’s Funtivity.

And if you notice in the scenery collage, we saw an old station wagon sitting atop a wooden platform, with a large stuffed mouse in the backseat. Keepin’ it classy.

My health has gone from bad to worse to better to much better over the last three years, which is why some of the activities are focused on exercise. It might seem strange, choosing a 30-minute jog as a celebration activity, but when you’ve spent as much of your life lying on the couch from stomachaches and headaches and general body yuckiness as I have, you know that a 30-minute jog is a treat, a blessing, something not to be taken for granted. A cause for celebration, even!

Thank you, Valerie, for running with me down major roads in rush hour traffic with knee-high neon socks!

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