30 in 30: Day 8 — Mystery Movie!

Day 8: Mystery Movie

An unexpected Birthday Month activity: feeling crummy.

Originally, today’s funtivity was going to a $1 movie, but I’m getting over/fighting something here, so I was going to Red Box it.

Well, I completely forgot to pick one up on my way home from the grocery store. As chance would have it, my friend Kendal called as I was putting away my groceries to see if I had done my birthday activity yet. She was out of work early and offered to join me. I explained the situation, she offered to bring a Red Box to me, and I told her, “Sure! Surprise me!” (because as of that moment, I had no idea what movie I was going to pick). So she did, which is way more fun than seeing a $1 movie by myself. Sam snuggled up for the entire thing, and we watched a great new-ish comedy:

 photo 1
photo 2

Thanks, Kendal! 🙂


  1. I am so glad you are having fun with your 30 in 30. When I turned 40 I whined for two years. I should have done this for two years lol. Actually I was Meg Ryan from the movie “When Harry Met Sally” I still have the movie.

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