30 in 30: Day 13 — Apple Picking & Farm Fun

Day 13: Apple Picking & Farm Fun

Day 13 was inspired by one of my favorite days of the year from when I was a child. Every fall, my dad, brother, grandparents and I would head to a local farm to choose our pumpkin. It would be a full day of pumpkin choosing, farm games (mazes, etc.), funny scarecrow pictures, and lunch from the barn/restaurant. North Carolina autumn isn’t quite the same, but this needed to happen as part of my birthday celebration.

Millstone Creek Orchards had apple picking, hay rides, a barn chock-full of deliciousness. We got out of there with Apple Cider slushies in mason jars, plain and spicy apple salsa, popcorn on the cob (pops from the cob!), and some spicy honey mustard for Kendal’s husband. After picking apples, watching apple bobbing and pie-eating contests, and watching young kids enjoy the tire swing in front of the barn. It reminded us of home (she’s from up North, too), and it was one of my favorite activities so far. I laughed so hard at one point, the noise I made went beyond a snort. I have no idea what it was, but it was part of the kind of laughter that makes your eyes water and your tummy hurt for just a minute.

The staff was super friendly, we sampled everything we could, and shopped using wicker baskets as we trolled the barn market. It was a great, great day. 🙂 I am having an absolute blast, I feel incredibly loved, and I hope I can pay this forward.

IMG_1100  IMG_1104


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