30 in 30: Day 14 — Zac Efron

Day 14: Zac Efron

So, when you’re turning 30 in 6 days and you’re kind of freaked out about it, you might cling to your young adult novels (thank you, Sarah Dessen & Huntley Fitzpatrick) and your High School Musical movies. Because just for a little while, you might want to get lost in that world and dream up a high school experience where boys who looked like men who looked like Zac Efron went to your school, fell in love with you, and sang to you. All the time. And danced with you, while singing to you. Oh, Disney.

Sam & Bailey weren’t too interested… hence their tug-of-war. They’re best buds, though, so a good time was had by all.

Thank you, Rachel, for loving this movie and laughing with me, for the sheer fun and purity of it. 🙂

photo 1

photo 2

**Readers, pardon my tired-looking face. I am having a blast this month, but it’s definitely tiring! Looking forward to an easier week this week, leading up to the official celebration on Friday!

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