30 in 30: Day 15 — Test drive a fun car (& 30 surprise presents!)

Day 15 — Test drive a fun car (& 30 surprise presents)

Today, friends, was fabulous.

First, it’s a Monday and I had the day off from work.

Second, I got to see one of my best friends and her baby. We have such life-giving conversations and I always leave her feeling more joyful and at peace than before our visits:

30 in 30 Rosanna

Third, I got to do my scheduled activity, test driving a fun car. A Jeep is on my Maybe list for next cars, so I asked a ton of questions, sat in about 5 models, and chose the Compass to take for a test run. The salesman was personable and from NYC, so I had a blast just talking to him. The car was slick, smooth, and super fun to drive. I’m a shorty, so being in a higher vehicle than my four-door sedan was a treat!

30 in 30 Jeep

And fourth, my friend Cyndi brought me dinner and no less than THIRTY – 30 – presents! Half gluten free, then half silly/goofy/meaningful, i.e., Duct Tape for when I need something to hold it all together. 🙂 I put it over my mouth in the photo because sometimes that would be beneficial for this straight-forward, no-filter talker. Also, notice the mustache mask in the top row second photo – there is a WIND UP on the NOSE! The mustache and eyebrows wiggle!!I was so taken aback, so touched, so overwhelmed with gratitude. I don’t deserve this life, y’all, I’m telling you.

30 in 30 Cyndi gifts

Thank you, Rosanna & Cyndi, for spending today with me! I am better for your friendships, and I love you both!

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