30 in 30: Day 17 — Birthday episode of The Office

Day 17: Birthday episode of The Office

The Office was such a big part of my 20s, so it had to be included in my calendar! It was a major part of laughing through Greg’s deployment, and was one of the things that brought K. Lucas and I together. We would watch these episodes and just laugh and laugh and laugh, always when I needed it the most. I scheduled this day weeks ago, so I found it funny when I checked my Timehop this morning:


Apparently, Sept. 17th is a great day for birthdays and The Office. Thank you, Michael Scott for making me laugh so hard, and introducing Kendal to the glory that is you. You are a modern-day TV comic hero, and your face is surely missed on Thursday nights.



13 days to go, friends! Thanks for taking this journey with me!

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