30 in 30: Day 18 — Mellow Mango

Day 18: Mellow Mango (FroYo, or sorbet for the dairy-free among us)

Yummy, yummy, in our tummies! A simple 90 minutes with some of my closest friends is a blast – this is how a girl knows she’s got it good. Talking and laughing and dancing – yes, on a sidewalk, in front of a FroYo establishment.

I also got the chance to approach an elderly couple. The husband was being super sweet to the wife as they had gotten out of their car and as they walked to their seats outside. I just thought to myself, I hope Greg & I are like that in 40 years. I loved that they were still on a “date”, this many years in. I loved that they were still conversing, even though they have an intimacy that spans decades. I was intrigued, I was mesmerized, and I couldn’t help myself: I had to get up and talk to them.

Tom & Dee have been married for 53 years. He’s a retired pediatrician, and he told Dee to watch her step because she has arthritis and he knew it was bothering her tonight; he wanted to make sure she remembered to be safe. I basically told them my life story because I was so nervous to talk to them and it all came just bumbling out as though I were turning 15 and not 30, but they were real sweet (why wouldn’t they be, really), and it’s honestly a memory I’ll treasure. I didn’t get a picture with them because a) that might have been a little weird, and b) I was already nervous enough.

I did get these shots, though:

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

I am doing much better with turning 30 than I was at the beginning of the month, hallelujah. Yesterday, I recognized that I’m actually kind of excited. Say what?! But it’s true. Lots of great things to look forward to. Don’t look back. Only forward. Vaya con Dios. C’est la vie. Seize the day.

Ok. I’m done.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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