Today I am officially 30, and I have not imploded as I once thought I would.


Live your days like stepping stones, as if it’s the only path you have. You’ll gain balance and strength with each stride and live life with no desire to look back. One day, you’ll be so fortunate you pushed through and only then will you see, why the path you had to take, brought to you to where it did.

*Yes, I am 30 today and the above quote came from a blog about being in your 20s. Oh, well.

I wouldn’t say I’ve completely whined about this day, but it has not been something I’ve been uber excited about. I’m happy to be turning 30 because it means I am alive and well and able to live out another day, for which I am always grateful. I have been upset about turning 30 because for a girl who likes to live without regrets, I wish a lot of things could be different about the last 10 years. I wish I had spent less of it on my couch, and more of it on the tennis court, on the dance floor, or hitting the pavement for some great runs. I wish less of it had been spent worrying about what I looked like, and more of it had been spent being in the moment.


This month has given me restored friendships, raw honesty with some of my favorite people, two great – and I mean great – weekends dancing – big and small surprises that overwhelmed my heart, laughter that came from my toes, and the kind of joy that cannot be contained. I’ve worked hard for the life I want, and right now I have it. Is everything perfect? No, definitely not. Nothing ever is. But the focus is what matters. What you focus on expands – advice for life, words I live by – and in my 30s, I will focus on acceptance – not just of myself but of life circumstances; I will focus on contentment outside of food, since I’m down to about 5 things I can eat without becoming ill ;); I will focus on life, living, enjoying the joy every day can bring.


Yes, age is just a number and it’s all about perspective and about staying young at heart. I get that and I have no problem with that. Ask any one who knows me for more than five minutes and they will tell you, I am young at heart. I love goofing around and laughing and being silly. Take one look at most of my 30 in 30 photos and you will see, fun is one of my priorities. But I am 30, and a new life stage is being ushered in. Lots of changes are on deck, and I can’t say I’m ready for them, but I can say I’m not as scared as I thought I would be.

How we live our life is our choice. Circumstance can only determine so much. Perspective has to determine the rest. Live your life so that you not only like what you’re doing, but you like who you are. Be someone you would want to be friends with. Give life to the people around you, and it’ll come back 10-fold. Enjoy the big and small things. Every day can’t be epic, but every day can be filled with something good. Life will rarely be exactly what you want it to be, but it will always give you the chance to make it better than you thought it could be. Embrace it. Live it. Love it.




*I have 10 more days in my 30 in 30 journey, but today I am officially 30. The first 20 days have been about celebrating in order to usher in the transition. The last 10 are about living out the first 10 days of this new decade, starting it off on a great note. Stay tuned for the rest of the celebrations!


  1. I’m so glad you could relate to my post! It’s interesting to see how we can all be in different points in our life but still go through the same things. And, Happy Birthday 🙂

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