30 in 30: Day 22 — leaving 30 $1 bills around Dollar Tree

Day 22: Leaving 30 $1 bills around Dollar Tree

Yes, I am already 30. But my celebration will last until September 30. I am committed!

Day 21 was shopping (and eating!) with my mom. It’s a tradition for her to visit on my birthday and for us to go shopping, so that’s what we did! However, I am not in a clothes-buying mood at the moment (which is interesting because I’ve lost 10 lbs and could use some pants that don’t need a belt), so I scored a couple books, a US Army dryfit running top, a new harness for Samantha, and the rest I will find out on Wednesday when we go shopping again πŸ˜‰


Day 22 was inspired by a friend: leave 30 $1 bills around the Dollar Tree. At first I thought, ehhhh… Then I thought, I don’t want this month to be all about me. Yes, I’m celebrating my milestone, but it’s pretty egocentric to make every single event just about me. So my mom and I wrote 30 notes, attached them to 30 dollar bills, and went to town at a local dollar store. It was a blast! So. Much. Fun.

photo 1

I was a little nervous that we were going to be caught and then questioned, because we kept sneaking our hands into mom’s purse every few seconds, haha. And we were taking pictures all around the store, and giggling like school girls. Nothing suspicious. Nothing strange about that, at all. This was one of the most fun activities, though, because you just like to think of someone who’s having a bad day, and all they need is a purple cheetah cowgirl hat for work tomorrow, and they find this:

photo 3

photo 2


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