30 in 30 Day 23: Movie from 1984 (and ratings trivia!)

Day 23: Watch a movie from 1984

I found this list of 30 films from 1984, and I used it to decide on Sixteen Candles. I thought this would be a good edition to my birthday month because it’s a movie from the year I was born, and it’s birthday-themed. And, can’t go wrong with John Hughes/Molly Ringwald/80s fabulous.

In the first 20 minutes, F$&! is used. A short while later, Carole is seen completely nude in the girls’ locker room. And yet this movie is rated …. PG. Say what?!

Yeah, so even though the PG-13 rating was introduced from the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) on July 1, 1984, apparently Sixteen Candles made the cut. Before PG-13 joined the ranks, it was G for anyone, M for mature audiences but anyone was admitted (later changed to PG), R for patrons 16 and older, and X for movie-goers 17 and older (later changed to NC-17 because of the X rating’s association with porn). Thank you, History.com, for that tutorial 🙂

A history lesson, an 80s fabulous film, and a whole lot of neon to match. A successful birthday funtivity, for sure!


*The pups involved themselves in a stuffed elephant massacre in the meantime.



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