Three Good Things 9.26.14 (including naps, cookies & chronic stress)


It’s gray, rainy, cloudy, and windy for the fourth day in a row and that is quite all right with me. Because it lasts for such a short time down here in the South as compared to my hometown’s Eternal Gray Fall/Winter, I don’t mind some days/weeks where the dampness gives you an excuse to stay cozy in your apartment pants, sip on some tea, watch a movie, and take a nap (or two!). Temps go back up tomorrow, thanks to the sun’s impending reappearance, so we can take a few days of gray, cloudy, and crisp, Autumn wind. Also, I am officially 30 as of last Saturday. And, as of today, I have not imploded, exploded, or grown instantaneous gray hairs. Phew! Good things all around.

Last week, inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, A Storybook Life, I started Three Good Things. This (hopefully) weekly feature will give you three silver lining moments of the week, three things I’m either reading or watching, and three things I learned during the week. Meant to foster gratitude and a focus on all things happy, this gives me a specific purpose each week of what to write, and makes me pay attention to things like…

Three Silver Lining Moments of the week:

  • A surprise birthday visit from my mom! Which resulted in four visits to our favorite local restaurant, three successful shopping trips, lots and lots of laughs, and clean laundry for me! Laundry always smells better when moms do it, right?!
  • The purchase of four new books! I rarely, rarely, buy/acquire new books. This week, however, I acquired four and six total were purchased. When it’s time, it’s time, I suppose. I thought the prices were decent, and with an educator’s discount at B&N, it’s actually cheaper there than at Target. And used book stores haven’t had what I’ve been looking for. I was, honestly, like the most excited five-year-old on her way into Kindergarten: giddy, picked up/touched anything and everything that looked of interest to me, and had a dreamy look on my face as I clutched them close to my person. Oh, books, how I love thee.
  • Being able to sleep until 8:40 Thursday morning. Sure, I was awake from 4:30-6:30 so I could drop off Mom at the airport, but a two-hour nap with my dog cuddled next to me on her own bed? Fabulous. I would go so far as to say: Perfection. I felt rested and awake the rest of the day.

Three things I’m reading this week:

  • Do Not Sass Talk Your Mother, Huffington Post Parents, by Kerry Rossow. The technique this parent uses is so like my husband and I, that I hope we have the courage to do it when our someday child inevitably rolls his/her eyes at us. The punishment she chose for her teenager so perfectly matches the crime, and I believe will get the kid’s attention far more than grounding or a lecture. Take a look, and tell me what you think!
  • To Pre-natal test or not to Pre-natal test, that is the question. This NPR article about a study in San Fransisco about women who did or did not choose to participate in pre-natal medical tests, such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling, gave some good insight into a current cultural/medical trend: pregnant women and young moms choosing not to participate in generally accepted medical practices, such as pre-natal tests, vaccinations, and typical hospital births. Instead, at least my Facebook feed tells me this, young moms want kind of to be left alone, doing what they feel is best for their bodies and their families. And they have good, solid reasons for feeling the way they do. My favorite line of the article, though, was the second-to-last one: The women should make the decision, she says, not their doctors.
  • So you want to be a freelancer, published on Flux & Flow. Jasmine’s blog would be a wonderful addition to your WP Reader. She is honest, interesting, lives in Hawaii so posts beautifully paradise-like photos, and is one heck of a fighter/hard-worker. You’ll want her smile and her attitude when you’re done reading some of her stuff. This post particularly is about getting paid to write. I am quite shy about my writing, which is why I haven’t tried very hard to get myself published. But I’m working on it. I mean, I have a published novel, which indicates I’m not so shy. But I am pretty sure God is pushing me to write on a grander scale… working on it. Flux & Flow’s freelance information is practical and trustworthy. I’ve applied to; a short grammar test and essay is included in the application. Go, give it a look-see!

Three things I learned this week:

  • The PG-13 rating for movies, set by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) was first introduced July 1, 1984. that means on my 8th wedding anniversary, PG-13 turned 30 years old. I found this out because my Day 23 activity was watching a movie released in 1984. Conveniently, Sixteen Candles was on the list and was waiting for me on the $5 shelf at Target when I went to purchase it. Molly Ringwald’s tragically forgotten 16th birthday is rated PG, even though there is the F-bomb and 90% nudity within the first 30 minutes. taught me that before PG-13 joined the ranks, it was G for anyone, M for mature audiences but anyone was admitted (later changed to PG), R for patrons 16 and older, and X for movie-goers 17 and older (later changed to NC-17 because of the X ratingโ€™s association with porn). Sixteen Candles *just* made the cut.
  • Pamela’s gluten-free and non-dairy Chunky Chocolate Chip cookies are AH-mazing. Definitely worth your gluten-free money. A colleague brought them in on our second day of training – where the world stood still and time stopped – and I ate all 9. In a span of four hours. They were so good! I’m not really supposed to eat chocolate, but I’ve been allowing myself a treat about once a month. Well, if I ever need a cookie go-to and I don’t want to bake, those will be it. Perfect texture, no aftertaste, and no post-consumption heartburn. Win all around!
  • It’s not just chronic stress on a meta-level that can kill you. High stress levels during your day-to-day living can be just as harmful. Another NPR article told of men in a stress-affects study who stressed about daily things – traffic, unexpected mishaps, etc. – were three times as likely to die early than the men who adopted a more Hakuna Matata attitude toward life. Another interesting tid-bit that I kind of knew but confirmation is always good: 30 minutes of exercise per day – no more, no less – gives your brain the perfect boost to improve your mood and kick those stress hormones out of your body. Which is perfect, because my ADDish self gets bored after 30 minutes of exercise (unless it’s tennis, dance, or bikeriding – mainly after 30 minutes of running), so what I heard when I read this article was, “Great job, Elisa!” ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. This made me smile. I’m so happy to hear your kind words, and I’m glad my info about freelancing helped you out! ๐Ÿ™‚

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