30 in 30: Day 26 — Surprise guests!

Day 26: Surprise guests, dinner & dancing

It takes a lot to make me cry, especially if you’re trying to get me to cry happy tears. Unless you bring my best friends out of nowhere. And they drive 3.5 hours just to spend an hour with me. What would my life be without this family? I do not know, nor do I ever intend to find out.


I saw Kimberly through the window when we were walking into the restaurant but I thought, “No way.” But, yes way. After about 10 minutes of enjoying them, my dad and Linda walked through the door, also a complete surprise. Then later, at dancing, a friend who feels like home was not-so-coincidentally standing off the dance floor after I finished a line dance. I found out that they’ve all been scheming since February. Amazing, right? It’s hard not to cry when love like that is right in front of your face.


On to Wilmington for Day 27!


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