30 in 30: Day 27 — Wilmington/Beach Day

Day 27: Wilmington/Beach Day

I found out on Friday night (Day 26) that we’d be going to the beach for Day 27! Wilmington is one of my favorite places I’ve ever been to, so of course Greg would incorporate it into my birthday month. I had planned it on my birthday calendar, but was suspiciously told to cancel it since there were other things planned. They got me good!

It was super windy, a little chilly, and started to rain on us toward the end. But as you see, that didn’t stop us from having a great time. I told Dad and Linda they’re like the cool parents who go to the N*SYNC concert with their teenage daughter; they’re up for anything and spent the weekend with 30somethings. As you see, I wore my Olaf shirt because I was kind of chilly. I was also doing a yoga pose because there was a man in his bathing suit doing yoga on the beach. You can also see the way the towels are blowing and how Jenny is doing her best to corral them for Dad and Linda. No such luck… sand, everywhere. Towels, *kind of* folded. But, it was awesome.


We made our way to a local pizza joint on Carolina Beach, Uncle Vinny’s Pizza, run by a family from NYC. The waitress made us laugh to the point of tears. A typical New Yorker, she was sarcastic, bantered like it was her first language, and – literally – slapped me around a little. And gave me tons of hugs. As you see, I enjoyed my pizza. Yes, I ate the entire thing. In one sitting. Pardon the lack of make-up and sleepy eyes… having a great month but I am tiiiired. Smiles are genuine, though.



At night, we made our way to downtown Wilmington. We saw sky lanterns being released! And we gave Becky an education on taking selfies with an iPhone. The Most Entertaining Moment, however, was when we were watching the sky lanterns (which almost hit the flag – twice) and all of a sudden we heard, “White male, on foot,” and then saw exactly that: a young man running down the riverwalk, with two cops on bicycles trailing behind him. Apparently, he stole a tub of ice cream. The tubs that ice cream shops use to serve from. He dropped it on his high-tail out of wherever they caught him. Hope it was worth it, dude. My day certainly was.



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