30 in 30: Day 28 — Crepes & Superman

Day 28: Crepes & Superman

Still in Wilmington, we went to a French crepery for brunch. With Superman!


We also enjoyed downtown Wilmington in the daylight, including Peyton’s house from One Tree Hill. Maybe someday I will get to live here (not her house — Wilmington). A girl can dream.IMG_1633

Can I rewind and relive my weekend? Pretty please? There was nothing earth-shattering, no epic moment, no jaw-dropping event. It was the people. It’s who you’re with that makes all the difference in the world. And the people God has placed in my life are perfect for me, and I am thankful every day. *Sorry for the sappiness! My month is coming to a close and I am bummed, but I am happy to rest. I’ve been surrounded by people all month, and while I have loved it all and will be lonely these next couple days as I finish up my month on my own, I will also cherish the down-time.

Last two days: painting and my very favorite movie… then I will leave your newsfeed alone for a little while!

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