30 in 30: Day 29 — Christmas movie & canvas painting

Day 29: Christmas movie and canvas painting (and puppy snuggles)

Originally, today was going to be leaving 30 $1 bills at the Dollar Tree, but I had way more fun doing that with Mom last week than I would have had by myself. Since I had no idea when people were coming in to town, I had to adjust accordingly. So I moved the painting to today.

Now, let’s be clear. I am far from being any kind of Picasso. I can barely stay in the lines when I color. But I love to do it, and I frequently get images in my head that I want to get out either in writing or on a canvas. And as much as you can write a sunset, it’s much prettier in color. I also worked on my book and snuggled with Sam, something we haven’t gotten to do with all our visitors.

photo 2

Then, because I can’t believe I didn’t add this in my original calendar, and because someone commented on me watching a Christmas movie in the fall, I added “Watch Christmas Movie” to today’s bday activities. Netflix and ABC Family, thank you for always coming through. when I need you the most:

photo 1

Last day tomorrow! Watching my absolute favorite movie, then back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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