Three Good Things 10.3.2014 – Surprises, Meet Cutes & Wartime Cocktails


After a whirlwind of a week and going back to work after being off for almost two weeks, this girl is tired. And ready to institute National Nap Day. Three Good Things is a feature inspired by A Storybook Life. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week:

Three silver lining moments of the week

  • Parenthood is back! I will hang out with the Braverman family any day of the week. They are the reason I want/think I can have four children, so that I can have four Bravernman’s. Every stinkin’ episode, I say “I will not cry this time” and yet I do. Oh, I love them. And I love Jason Katims for creating it and writing it so beautifully, so brilliantly.
  • Surprises! Since last week’s Three Good Things, my best friends and my parents have come in from out of town to surprise me for my birthday. And who doesn’t love that?!
  • *Perfect* running weather. Thank you, Southern Autumn, for giving me the perfect conditions in which to run: 70 degrees, mostly sunny, juuust enough of a breeze to keep my elbows from sweating too badly. I still smell pretty offensively when I’m done with my route, but usually that’s because I forget to wash my running gear and have to pull stuff out of the dirty hamper. I won’t tell if you don’t!

Three things I’m reading this week:

  • I finished Sarah Dessen’s The Moon and More last weekend, and now I can move on to a book I’ve been waiting for, for ages. Shadow Throne, Jennifer Nielsen. I – literally – jumped up and down when I got the e-mail that it was finally MY turn to borrow Nielsen’s conclusion to the Ascendance Trilogy. I’ve been waiting for weeks! An easy read (another YA), and the characters – Sage and King Jaron and Imogen and Roden and Mott – make up quite the crew. Can’t wait to see how this ends!
  • This blog post about failing from Stories Are the Wildest Things is inspiring. It is encouraging. And it is spot-on. Yes, it was published a few weeks ago, but I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes, okay? Who wants to fail? Nobody. Who fails at one time or another? Everybody. But this blog post reminds its readers that it is okay to fail, because that means you are living. You are doing something with your life. You’re putting yourself out there, being vulnerable, taking what life has to offer you. Failing, and failing hard, will offer up some of the best life lessons we will ever learn.
  • I’m a sucker for romance, it’s true. But it has to be believable, fire-in-your-eyes, hearts crackling kind of romance for me to fall for it and/or enjoy reading about it. One of my favorite learn-random-things site,, published 11 Rom-Com Worthy Real-life Meet Cutes. I had no idea it was 13 years in between meeting and marrying for Johnny and June Carter Cash, or that Michele Obama was Mr. President’s mentor back in the day. Sweet, fast read, that might inspire one(or more) of my future novels.

Three things I learned this week:

  • I’m not a big drinker, but if I was part of a military operation fighting a war – we’ve got plenty to choose from! – I bet I would become a drinker. These five cocktails (gin and tonic, daiquiri, sidecar, French 75, and a bloody mary) all originated during various wartimes around the world: The gin and tonic, the Indian Rebellion of 1857; the daiquiri as part of the ending of the Spanish-American War in the 1890s; the sidecar was apparently developed for an American in France during WWI; the French 75 also created during WWI in France; and the Bloody Mary came alive during the Russian Revolution
  • What Guinness World Records judges have to go through. published The Secret Life of a Guinness World Records Judge. Fascinating read. I had no idea how these things were judged, and this long-lead narrative from gives a glimpse into the stamina, patience, grace, and tenacity one must possess in order to make or break the dreams of Guinness World Records hopefuls. These people kind of have to be ready to go at the drop of a hat, and have very little time to prepare for whatever event they’re going to judge. This particular story is about a female judge residing in London who travels all over Europe and Asia with her stopwatch, tape measure, and an “indefatigable appreciation for eccentric human accomplishment.”
  • I learned that with mobile technology, I am an Apple girl through and through. Why I even tried a Samsung tablet is beyond me.


  1. Surprisingly enough (or maybe not that surprising at all) I loved reading Sarah Dessen in high school! Maybe I will try reading some of her books again as an adult.

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