Three Good Things 10.25.14 — Throwback Thursday, knitting prisoners, & Lincoln’s pocketwatch

Happy Friday! Happy Week Before Halloween! Happy Day After Throwback Thursday 😉 For a woman who does not regularly engage in Internet trends and who, in general, would really prefer to go back to 1980 when men had to call instead of text and totes meant a bag instead of an idiotic shortening of an actual word, I love Throwback Thursday! I think it is so fun. I read something today about how my generation just loves nostalgia, especially anything related to the 90s. This is a fact. However, I am willing to contend that the previous generations appreciate nostalgia just as much as us Millenials, we just have the benefit of having it shoved in our face all the live-long day, thank you Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 🙂 Anyway… I hope you enjoyed your FB feed yesterday as much as I did. My aunt posted some *pretty great* pics of her and my mom:



So, as is the tradition here every Friday, as inspired by A Storybook Life, I find Three Good Things in my life and let you know about them. I would love it you shared yours!

Three Silver Lining Moments:

  • A really great conversation with my Gram, whom I’ve written about before on several occasions. The highlights: “If your baby looks like an alien, I promise to tell you,” “I ate that smooshy kooshi, whatdyacallit stuff!” (she was trying to say sushi), and “Sorry it took me so long to answer! Mike changed my ring and it’s just so pretty, I was singing along. So if I don’t answer when you call, don’t worry. I’m just singing.”
  • Today, I am filming an adoption story for a good friend of mine. It is an incredible story and an even greater testimony to God’s divinity and timing for His children. I’m honored to do this for her.
  • This sermon, titled Embrace Your Place through I listened to it three times over the span of 36 hours. If you’re wondering whether or not you’re in the right Life Place right now, or you’re trying to figure out how to be content where you are, or you’re thinking you don’t matter and the things you do don’t matter, watch this.

Three things I’m reading this week:

  • The Forgotten Photographer of America’s Great Plains, published on I don’t talk about it much, but I have a profound sense of respect and awe for the men and women who made their own way in this country in its infancy. This account details the life of Solomon Butcher, a name I didn’t know until I read this article. The images are fascinating, as they let us peek into early settlers’ lives. My favorite line (and my step-mom’s favorite line: “I had seen just enough of the Wild West to unfit me for living contentedly in the East,” Butcher had written in his book, Pioneer History of Custer County and Short Sketches of Early Days in Nebraska.
  • Knitting Behind Bars. Put yourself in this situation: you’re a man in prison. Not just jail, but prison, where offenders of violent and heinous crimes go. And here comes this 67-year-old woman who asks you, “Hey, would you like to learn how to knit?” You’d likely say…? Well, this tenacious, fireball-at-heart, tiny but mighty woman had it in her to try for five years to be accepted into a prison system. Her first meeting – no men showed. Now? At capacity. She has more than 500 members, and she says, “Some guys don’t miss one week.”
  • Still reading Quiet, because it’s a lot to take in and I’m highlighting a ton, so it’s taking me awhile. It’s still making me see my world differently, especially in the classroom. Sometimes, the shy kids aren’t the ones you have to worry about. The shy ones and the always-to-himself ones are going to rule your world some day.

Three things I learned this week:

  • There is such a thing as NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. A month-long frenzy of getting those characters always banging on the front door of your prefrontal cortex down on paper and into an entire novel, in just 30 days. There are badges, a chance to interact and get feedback, and even a winner! Learned about this from Stories Are the Wildest Things. So many avenues for novelists these days…
  • I took the 240-question VIA Survey of Character Strengths survey, and my top five character strengths are: spirituality/sense of purpose & faith; honesty, authenticity & genuineness; gratitude; capacity to love and be loved; and kindness & generosity. I’ve got my own ideas, mainly on # 4 (loving and being loved), but the data doesn’t lie, right? In case you’re wondering, my weakest strength is ‘appreciation of beauty and excellence. Anyone can take a host of surveys, all relating to Authentic Happiness, character, and that sort of thing here.
  • The beginning of the Civil War was noted in Abraham Lincoln’s pocket watch, but he never knew it. Assuming this Mashable article is true, which I believe it is because it comes from a reputable source (site and author), the man who was fixing Lincoln’s pocket watch when the war started etched the event, date, his name, and “thank god we have a government” in the very inside of the timekeeper. Do we have any idea how many bits of history like this are floating around, still yet to be discovered?

I really struggled to think of three things I learned! I guess I need to pay more attention, because there are new things around us every day to learn.

What are your three things this week?!

What do you think?

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