Three Good Things 10.31.14 — Sweet labs, insane juggling, and the antidote to poison.


Life is pretty *sweet* in my corner of the world this week. I’m involved in a training for work and I am in love. It’s all about resiliency. Basically, fourteen life skills under six core competencies from which every single human on earth would benefit if learned and aptly applied. I don’t know what I’m going to be able to do with it yet, but my gears are turning! So, what else is good this week? Inspired by A Storybook Life, every Friday I give you three good things for the week. Habitually finding good stuff in your life promotes optimism, causes better sleeping patterns, and builds better relationships. That is research-based, folks. Here we go…

Three Silver Lining Moments this week:

  • Watching this cutie patootie. I’m not ashamed to say, all three of us snuggled on my bed on multiple occasions.
    photo 2
  • The Justice League of Princesses. Okay, so this one has not technically occurred yet, but it will tonight. The Costume Contest at our regular dance Friday-night Frequent has prompted my friends and me to dress up as Disney Princesses. But because I am not a princess kind of girl, I am calling us the Justice League of Princesses. It sounds way cooler and makes me feel way better about the situation. 😉
  • Having this girl back in my life. She’s been out of town and I missed the heck out of her!
    photo 4

Three things I’m watching this week:

  • Christmas movies. Sorry. I tried waiting until at least Nov. 1, but I just couldn’t. Thank you, Holiday in Handcuffs and Desperately Seeking Santa for keeping me company!
  • What goes on in the video below is nothing short of incredible. The talent, patience, tenacity, willpower, and resilience it takes to pull off something like this is so significant; I wonder if he even knows how strong he is:
  • Harry Potter (sorry, Daniel Radcliffe) rapping – RAPPING – Blackalicious’ Alphabet Aerobics.

Three things I learned this week:

  • I was challenged by my instructor to learn where the phrase ‘with a grain of salt’ comes from. According to what I found at and, it comes from ancient writings that food is more easily swallowed with a grain of salt. Specifically, a man named Pliny the Elder, translated the phrase from a Latin writing which stated an antidote for preventing poison from harming one’s body. The writing stated that the poison antidote, with more than 75 ingredients, should be taken ‘with a grain of salt’, and thus the phrase was born. Remember, ultimately something like this is unknown. But this sounds fairly credible, so let’s go with it, shall we?!
  • Bolivian currency is called the Bolivian Boliviano. I love it. This sounds like two things to me: an Italian last name, or an incredibly delectable dessert. That link is the Google search, but I did learn it from a friend who went to Bolivia with Compassion International this past August.
  • I learned about this song this week: Something in the Water, Carrie Underwood. I played it no less than five times today. Three times right in a row at lunch. Once in the morning on the way to work, and once on the way home from work. My sister-in-law put it best: “ I love that a song that is so obviously about finding salvation and faith in God is so openly played and praised on the radio. It’s not censored, there’s no uproar about the mention of God, it’s just a girl singing truth.” I know not everyone who reads this blog believes in God, and I completely respect that. For me, though, this song is truth out loud.

What are your three good things? Silver linings? Things you watched, read, learned or loved? I’d love to hear them!

What do you think?

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