You know you’re a Christmas Movie Geek when…

[Updated repost]

On Nov. 11th, I decided it was time for my Christmas tree. Two weeks earlier than my traditional day-after-Thanksgiving, but necessary. IΒ  was home all week with the flu and bronchitis, waned a pick-me-up, and as I’ve already mentioned, I’m full-steam-ahead with Christmas this year.

Time Hop reminded me of this post from last year. Every one of them still rings true, and I’m wondering if they do for any of you!

You know you’re a Christmas Movie Geek when…

1. You have a giddy smile just pressing ‘Play’ when you begin to watch The Santa Clause.

Cover of "The Santa Clause (Widescreen Sp...

2. And every year when you put this movie on, you think to yourself how magical the season is.

3. You have a Must See Christmas movie playlist that includes A Very Brady Christmas (or something just as cheesy-fabulous). Bonus geek points if it’s a VHS taped in 1989, therefore complete with the wonder that is 1980s commercials.

(You’re welcome)

4. You answer, “Depends on the genre,” when someone asks, “What’s your favorite Christmas song?” Then you give three answers: Hymn, Oldie, Contemporary. And you can place your favorite songs in your favorite movies.

5. You text back and forth all December long (or maybe starting before Thanksgiving) about Christmas

text with Kimberly

6. Elf, A Christmas Story, The Christmas Toy, Mrs. Miracle. You know them, you love them, you force your spouse to watch them!

7. Your husband describes your Netflix queue as “The Christmas section in Blockbuster threw up.”

Christmas queue

8. Every other DVD in your 300+ collection is alphabetized, except Christmas movies. They are in their own section so they are easy to find (and because they’re the most special).

9. You look forward to putting an It’s a Wonderful Life quote as your Facebook status every Christmas Eve.

Iconic screen shot from the movie It's a Wonde...

10. You put up with actors/actresses you don’t normally enjoy just because it’s a Christmas movie.

(When I found this image, my first thought was: “Why don’t I own this collection?!”
K. Lucas, I know you’re thinking the same thing).

11. You seriously consider (and/or follow through on) putting reindeer antlers on your dog to see if she’ll look like the pup from the Grinch.


12. ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas is the only reason you miss having cable. Thank you, Netflix. (Below is the 2013 schedule; here’s a link for 2014 in case you missed it.)

13. You use your time on the treadmill to watch a Christmas movie on your phone. (Thank you, Netflix).

14. You search out the Christmas episodes of your favorite TV shows, including but not limited to I Love Lucy, Studio 60, New Girl, Friends, Hart of Dixie, Saved By the Bell. Thank you, Hulu Plus and TV on DVD.

15. You had no problem coming up with a list like this, because every single item rings true for you.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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