C’mon get happy (and throw out every opinion you heard today)


So many opinions. So. darn. many.

I’m not talking about my pregnancy. If I get going on my own opinion about how many unsolicited opinions pregnant women receive, this won’t be a happy post. No, this is about the plethora of opinions available in your very own Facebook “news” feed.

We’ve seem to have lost our ability to find balance between having an opinion and shoving it down other people’s digital throats. We certainly haven’t lost the ability to have opinions, but we’ve decided that one of our sole purposes on this planet is to share them. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogs.

Here’s my opinion on all of our opinion-sharing:

Why does it matter?

We’re not teaching our children to think critically about global events. We’re teaching them to be loud and proud about unresearched, one-sided, often righteous opinions. We’re not practicing conscientious, thoughtful dialoging; we’re practicing argumentative debating and baiting.

Some people may think that not sharing an opinion means that you are living in ignorance, ignoring the world’s problems, and not being an informed-enough citizen. But really, all it means is that you’re willing to give up the Facebook “news” feed for thoughtful research, or spend your time and thoughts on other things.

It takes a lot of hard work and intentionality these days to fill your head with positive things. Even websites that claim things like ‘whole living’ and ‘positive living’ get kind of defensive sometimes. You have to look for it. Dig for it. Mine for it, even. But it’s there. And you can fill your brain-space with it, you can fill your life with it, you can fill your heart with it. You don’t have to get caught in the negativity web that is your “news” feed, you don’t have to become ensnared by others’ constant belittling of other religions or philosophies or opinions. It’ll take some work, but it’s entirely possible.

Here are a few to get you started:

Hello Giggles – mainly for women, and uses trendy vernacular. But how can it be anything but positive with a title like “Giggles”?

Humans of New York – I am sure you have seen this in your FB feed. You will find some more inspiring than others, depending on what it is that tugs at your heartstrings.

The World Needs More Love Letters – an organization that facilitates the sending of a bundle of love letters to men and women near and far.

HuffPost Good News – believe it or not, the Huffington Post (admittedly one of my favorite online sources for news and blogs) has a Good News section. Maybe it’s to counter their “Divorce” section. Either way, good stuff!

Happify – a website and an app that puts science behind helping you retrain your brain toward positivity.

So, c’mon, get happy. I dare you to throw out almost every opinion you’ve heard today, and instead fill your life with an extra dose of positivity. Let me know what you find!

What do you think?

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