Did I look up enough today?

Did I look up enough today?

I never thought I’d be the person whose face is down in her phone, but I am guilty as charged. All the interesting stuff on this little device, you know? What my friends are doing (playing with their kids and/or making/posting memes), what my non-friends-but-forced-FB friends are doing (playing with their kids and/or making/posting memes), what the world is up to (killing each other, in case you don’t read the news).

I just summed up your FB feed and your news feed. There has been one news story in the last 2 weeks to make me smile, one of a pretty smart dude making special glasses for the Colorblind to be colorblind no more:


Sometimes when I lay my daughter down at night, I wonder if I looked at her enough that day. Did I look in her eyes enough? Does she know how much I love her? Does she know that she, her dad, and her puppy-sister fill my heart with such immense joy, I put the overflow into cookies? Did I look at her enough to let her know all of those things?

Did I look up enough? Or did I spend my day looking down at a screen that apparently holds all I need to know. It must, right? To garner so much of my attention.

Did I listen to my husband when he told me about his new client? Did I let my puppy give me kisses and engage in the interaction? Did I listen to my daughter’s babble and respond, letting her know I hear her and that I will always be there to hear her. Or did I text too many people, look (and admittedly laugh) at too many memes, or scroll through my FB feed too often?

Some days I act as though something drastic will have happened in the world between one FB scroll and another. I pull down two or three times, wondering how nothing could have changed in the five minutes since I last looked at it.

I need to look up from that damn thing. I want to look up from it. I don’t want to miss these moments:



Or these:




Or these:


The giggles and the grins and the babble and the crying, it’s all worth looking up for. I don’t want my life filled with a screen. I want my life filled with memories. I want my life filled with people. I want my life filled with the love of those who love me and those whom I love. I want a life well lived, not a life well watched.


    • Thank you! She’s why I’ve done nothing on here – but we’re having fun 🙂 I still stop by your site when I can! And sometimes when I hear a new song I think to myself, “I wonder what Nashville (that’s what I call you) has to say about this?” 🙂

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