If we only knew…


I’ve been writing for Operation Blessing, a humanitarian aid organization that does incredible things around the world with its time, money, and resources. Clean water projects, human trafficking rescues, educational support to children who would otherwise not learn, microenterprise support so families can be self-sustaining, the list goes on and on.

Today I looked at a photo of a group of school-age boys. They live in Africa. They have the sweetest, most sincere smiles. They are dirt-floor poor. Yet, they are thankful. For the help of Operation Blessing and for the help of someone who thinks enough of them to give them a fighting chance.

Anyway, as I looked at their faces, I thought to myself, If we – Americans – only knew…

If we only knew how lucky, how blessed, how beyond-measure fortunate we are to live where we live. To be able to voice what we voice. To be able to learn what we learn. To be able to know what we know. To feel safe in our homes at night. To send our children to school each Fall for 13+ years. To complain about how short – and how long! – their summer break is.

If we only knew how lucky we are to live where we live, would we bully each other like we do? Would we continue letting our politicians bully each other into “agreeing”? Would we continue to fight about things that just do not matter, or would we redirect our resources to helping one another, to loving one another, to believing in one another?

If we only knew how lucky, how blessed, how beyond-measure fortunate we are to live where we live, would we let ourselves be divided so easily? Would we spend as much time on social media as we do, or would we put down our phones and go experience life? Would we batter our teachers for declining math scores? Or would we work to fit the root of the problem? Would we show rage as often as we do?CIMG4662

The state of the world is complicated, to say the least. The state of our nation is … embarrassing. Disheartening. I love being an American, I am proud to be an American, I am beyond-measure grateful to be an American. I want so much more for our nation than what we’re putting up with as I write this. I want so much more from my politicians, but I also want so much more from my common man, from my peers. Don’t you?

I think if we took the time to really think about what it means to live where we live, what it means to have the freedoms we have… I think if we really let those things sink in, the United States of America would be nothing – nothing – like what it is tonight.CIMG4668

Anyway… this will get lost in cyberspace, but I will maintain for the rest of my days that for as long as America exists, there is a hope for her that remains. She may stumble, she may fall, but a beacon of hope and a beacon of light she will always be.


What do you think?

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