My Books

I’m Elisa.
I write about seeing the sweet side of life, because I love sweets and I love bringing joy and smiles into … well, everything!

My books are below, and my blog is here.
Technically, I have 4 books out there for you to buy:

My novel, Making Room, is published through Ambassador International and is available through:

Barnes & Noble online
Alibris online
Angus & Robertson

Making Room is a gentle love story on two levels; it s a satisfying tale of romantic love but perhaps more important it s also a tale of God s love for His people. A touching first novel. –Ann Tatlock, Author of award-winning Sweet Mercy and Promises to Keep, Traveler s Rest, A Room of My Own, All the Way Home, I ll Watch the Moon

Making Room

Making Room is about a family of one older sister and three younger brothers who have lost everyone they care about; some due to poor choices, others due to most unfortunate circumstances. Elizabeth has been holding herself and her family together for more than a decade, but it’s time to make room for more in her life: a faith she can stand on when it all becomes too much, and a love she can depend on to see her through bright and dark times.

It’s an uplifting story of a struggling family who is trying its best to remain positive and encouraging despite their discomfort and frustration. Join Elizabeth, Bryce, Mitch, Danny and Nathan as they figure it out as they go.

Read an excerpt here.


Library Thing

More of Him


102 Days in Japan is self-published through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing:
Part 1, $2.99
Part 2, $2.99
Part 3, $2.99

(See –  you could travel through central Japan for less than $10!)

Japan collage book coverJoin me as I share my mid-20s adventure living in Japan for 102 days of sushi, chocolate, a too-big bike for my commute, and life-long friendships that surpass fluency of the same language.


  1. I haven’t followed your blog very long, but I have enjoyed reading through it. I gave you the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, the info is on my page. Not all bloggers like sorting through and posting awards, and if you don’t, that’s cool. I gave it to you to let my followers know about your great blog. Keep up the great work!

  2. I like anything sweet too. It’s hard for me to resist desserts. As for pursuing a sweet life, that is a goal too. Your works and books are an inspiration. Happy New Year to you and your family.

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