My Life as a Journalist

I set out to be a journalist, then followed my heart into education. But my 2 years with the Savannah Morning News yielded life-long friends and blessings many times over. Below are a few of my favorite stories I was privileged to write:


Waiting for My Soldier
Excerpt: My husband was scheduled to come home Tuesday, July 1 – our second wedding anniversary. … On Monday, I was a bundle of nerves and could barely stop shaking long enough to form a clear sentence. My in-laws were getting into town that night, and everything was almost set for Greg’s homecoming.

Pistol Packin’ Mamas
Excerpt: When Jeanne Capozzi, 64, saw two “disreputable characters” coming toward her on Broughton Street, she didn’t hesitate to put her hand on the .38 caliber revolver in her purse.

Project Linus gives blankets to kids
Excerpt: Project Linus, named after Charles Schultz’ famous character, is a national organization that provides handmade blankets to children from birth to 18 years who are seriously ill, experience a traumatic event or are just in need of some comfort.

Mom on Elisa's wedding dayTurning into our mothers
Excerpt: The moment comes in almost every woman’s life. We’re looking in the mirror, talking to our children, cooking dinner, talking on the phone – when it hits us: “Oh my goodness! I’m my mother!” … And it hits hard, doesn’t it?


  1. I teach journalism…so much fun! I’m a middle school teacher and we produce four newspapers a year. Ft. Stewart was our first duty station so I especially loved the first article you linked. Nice job!! I’m curious about your job change…I’ll have to explore your blog further to see if you wrote about it. Of course, teaching is the best job ever, but journalism is pretty cool too. 🙂

    • That’s great! I always said if I went into teaching journalism I would use Walter Cronkite’s autobiography as material. I still love good journalism! I did write about my job; did you find it?

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